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  • Posted on:  Monday, 20 May 2013 10:00

A new airship called the Aeroscraft is being tested in California by its makers Aeros Corp.  The blimp like aircraft has recently lifted to the skies in a tethered test, an exciting moment for the developers who have been working on the craft since 2006.

Described as a dirigible the aircraft is designed to carry cargo including oversized cargo with the aircraft itself being roughly the size of a football field.

The Aeroscraft is filled with helium and its powered by 3 swivelling engines, two on the sides and one at the back.

Unlike a blimp Aeroscraft has a rigid outer frame making it the first craft of this kind to be flown since the retirement of the German Graf Zeppeling in 1940 an airship that flew over 1 million air miles and made 144 trips across the ocean.

Like a submarine compresses air the Aeroscfraft compresses its helium gas into tanks to change buoyancy. When the helium is compressed the buoyancy of the craft lowers and the craft sinks to the ground. At ground level the craft doesn’t land completely but rests on landing pads allowing it to land on water, ice or ground. The aircraft is very stable at ground level and only a minimal ground crew is required. The application of such an airship is to move cargo to places without airstrips such as remote places like Alaska.


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