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Cameron Robbins: Residency & Exhibition

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Renowned artist, Cameron Robbins will be in residence at Hepburn Wind from October 16 to November 4. This residency will culminate in a two-day exhibition of drawings, film and photography at the Leonards Hill Hall.

Cameron Robbins works to make tangible the underlying structures and rhythms of natural forces. He has a studio and travel based practice, making installations and exhibitions transcribing natural forces into drawings and sound works.

Robbins works will be on show at the Leonards Hill Hall at 2095 Ballan-Daylesford Rd, Leonards Hill on Saturday 3 November from 2pm - 6pm and 4 November from 10am - 2pm.

We encourage all Hepburn Wind supporters to come down and have a look. Register on our Facebook event here if you would like to attend.

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